Monday, July 31, 2017

Does your business need a Sales Boost?

If you’re breathing & reading this right now, then you’re more than likely answering that question with, “Of course!”  Your next question is likely, “Then how do we do it?” It’s as simple as two words…a website! Did you know that 46% of businesses do not have a website! That’s almost half the businesses today! In the technological age we’re in, having a website is a necessity.

More times than not, consumers will start their purchasing process for a wanted item(s) via using a search engine like Google. As much as 52% of consumers will get product information directly from a company’s website. How much of that business are you missing with not having a website for them to find your business/products?

David Halpin, President of Halpin Digital, gives four tips for website design & turning visitors into prospects. A couple of his tips are:
  • Hire a Developer
    • If you don’t know how to build a site or are using a website builder to build the site yourself, chances are the site could be not-so-great. Your website is the face of your business! Hire the Mullikin Agency to give you a leg-up on your competition. We can bring creative ideas & modern technology to the table so to create a top-notch website for your business!
  • Get Creative with SEO
    • Consumers are more interested in local search engine optimization (SEO) rather than those Google results that show “Ad” by them. At the Mullikin Agency, we can work up a professional comparison so you know where your competition stands as far as SEO.

Online presence can be a daunting task for some, but when you partner with us at the Mullikin Agency that task scales back down to a size you can handle. Our team of professionals is here to help your business grow! Creating a website that is mobile-responsive, modern, & creative is one area of our expertise! We look forward to working with you. Once we create or re-design your website, promoting it would be the next step & we can also help you with that.

Friday, July 21, 2017

The Top Reasons Companies Work with The Mullikin Agency

When your business faces complex projects &/or marketing challenges, you need cost-effective solutions & fast results. How are you supposed to make that happen when you have duties to fulfill to keep the business running? You turn to one place…The Mullikin Agency. Why? We make it happen! You can breathe easy knowing our team of experts can take care of your projects/challenges while you continue your day-to-day tasks! Why choose us?

The Mullikin Agency provides:
  • 25 years of experience & expertise that saves you time, money & stress 
  • Advanced cutting-edge technologies for smart solutions 
  • A vast number of services & products all at one location 
  • We customize a solution around your goals & expectations
  • Personable, fast, friendly services because we're human beings - just like you 
Our award-winning staff of professionals offer in-depth experience in traditional marketing with blends of digital advertising formats. It is our attention to detail & working effectively & efficiently for our clients. We are small enough to react quickly & big enough to handle all your needs.

Achieving success for our clients is a passion, & we do so with integrity, hard work, & attention to detail. We have designed many successful turnkey marketing campaigns & promotions for over two decades. Check out some client testimonials just to give you an idea…

Ready for a meaningful & professional relationship? Learn more about how The Mullikin Agency has helped others & can help your business too by clicking here for a list of our services! Give us a call 479-750-0871 or visit our website.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Why Transit Advertising is a Great Way to Advertise your Business!

Today there are so many great ways to advertise your business, but you may be asking, “Why should I choose public transit to advertise?” Here’s why: Because public transportation is being used more & more every year by all kinds of people. Today, public transit is not just for those who can’t afford a vehicle to get around. Public transit is a great way to get more cars off the road, save money, & benefit the environment. Because more & more people are choosing public transit over driving, etc, passengers are now people of all different income levels & statures. Not only do these people see ads on or IN the buses, but they also wait at bus shelters where ads are at eye-level catching their full attention! Why could this benefit your business? The likelihood of someone who is in need of your goods, services, &/or organization is going up all the time. We're talking thousands upon thousands of people seeing your ad either in motion or on a shelter! This type of advertising is good because it will be seen repeatedly by the people who use public transit on a regular basis.

Many transit riders spend an average of 30-40 minutes riding the bus. During that time, your ad is what they are seeing while they travel. Additionally & maybe more importantly, transit riders aren’t the only ones who can see your ads. Putting your "advertising into motion" on the outside of buses brings a whole new opportunity to reach thousands of additional potential customers. Your ad can be seen by hundreds of thousands of drivers, pedestrians, commuters & consumers each month. In 2015, public transit was responsible for more than 72,000 routes in the United States, all of which traveled 43 million passenger miles! Of those routes, transit buses covered just shy of 32,500!

Having an advertisement on the outside of a bus isn’t the only option. There are also ads inside the buses like this one, which gain much attention from thousands of passengers. 

There are bus shelter ads similar to this one that are seen not only by those waiting for a bus, but by those walking by, driving by, etc!

Exterior ads (seen in pictures below) come in all kinds just like those you're trying to reach. Out-of-home advertising via public transit ads include:
  • Curb & Street Signs: Located on the sides of transit vehicles. They are the largest of the signs & are full color vinyl signs.
  • Tail Signs: Located on the rear of transit vehicles. If you've ever been stuck behind a bus at a traffic light or in a traffic jam, you know what the back of that bus says by the time you start moving again.
  • Full, Partial or Tail Wraps: Graphic that covers parts of or the entire bus. These ads are a great way to make an impact visually & really sticks in the mind because it is difficult to ignore, especially if the ad has a clever graphic or says something funny.

According to a study conducted by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) this year, for every $1 spent on outdoor advertising, an average of $5.97 is generated in product sales! This type of advertising raises digital search effectiveness by over 40% & print by over 14%. With a consistent growth in ROI, why would you not want to tap into this avenue of advertising?!

If you’re interested in public transit advertising, call The Mullikin Agency today! We are your exclusive source for advertising on the Ozark Regional Transit (ORT) buses & on the University of Arkansas Transit buses. We would love to help you with all of your advertising endeavors!

Call us today at 479-750-0871 or learn more online at 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Change...the only constant in life.

One thing we can count on is change. Change happens every day all around us. In relation to the business world, consumers are constantly bombarded with why they need the next big thing, the out-with-the-old / in-with-the-new ads, etc. This can really cause problems from a business standpoint IF said business isn’t doing their due diligence in keeping up with the constant changes. One major way to help your business is by using different ways of communicating with your clients in person, by mail, e-mail, text, phone calls, PR, other forms of advertising, through your website or App, blog, podcast or video.

Another way of engaging today involves social media. According to Brandwatch, there are 2.3 billion active social media users as of 2015. 2.3 Billion! Not only that, but 91% of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels. Given this fact that many businesses know the importance of social media, how much competition is there for your business now?

So what does a business do with consumer expectations changing at phenomenally fast rates? How can a business keep up if there isn’t a ton of time to figure out what is working for the business? Daniel Newman, Forbes Contributor, gives 10 trends to put into action that may very well help keep your business ahead of the game. Here are just a few…

  • The Customer Experience.
    • Those businesses that are successful at keeping up with these changing times are the ones making the customer their focal point. What do your customers leave feeling like after they’ve done business with your company? Research that answer in detail & do what you can to adjust things so that customers experience a “piece of heaven” so to speak.

  • Video, the new content form.
    • Online content on social media sites (ie – reviews, blog posts, etc) still remain the core of a company's social media presence.  Brandwatch shows there are 8 billion average daily video views from 500 million users on Facebook! Real-time video & live-streaming are really starting to make an impact with consumers. Posts that include videos of company events, activities, product demonstrations, etc show a more human & more real side to your business.

  • Personalize it!
    • Do you want to make consumers purchases simpler & more responsive? Research the trends of your consumers lifestyle characteristics, online habits, & their purchase behaviors. Knowing the answers to these research points allows your business to make a very personal experience for your consumer by marketing communication based on the subjects said consumer is interested in at any given time.

As you can see, it is extremely important to engage with your consumers continuously so to be in-the-know of what they’re looking for & what they want in the moment. If the thought of all this overwhelms you, we at The Mullikin Agency are here to help & happy to do so!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Direct Mail is NOT a thing of the past!

You go to the mail box…bill, bill, junk, bill, junk…postcard?? Hmm. Bright colors, bold font, unclear message &/or misspellings, etc…trash bin! What if we at The Mullikin Agency could give you some pointers on how to send Direct Mail that won’t just end up in the trash can?? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll do here! 😊

Just a few of our successful Direct Mail Campaign clients...
Czap Healthcare / SmitCo Aviation / Captain D's / Renew Crew
Direct Mail may be considered a thing of the past by some, but in reality, direct mail gets more attention than promos sent thru email, newsletters online, etc. According to research done by Ballantine:
  • 2.5 billion+ coupons were redeemed in 2015
  • 150 million+ Direct Mail promos were sent out in 2015
  • 42% of recipients read/scanned Direct Mail pieces received
  • Response rate for Direct Mail is 3.7%, compared to 2% for mobile, 1% for email, 1% for social media, & 0.2% via internet display
  • Average ROI for Direct Mail campaigns is 18-20%!

Did you also know that bulk mailing actually costs less than regular mailing?? Yes, it’s true! You can mail more for less! 😊

No one likes investing money into things such as Direct Mail campaigns only to have them not be effective & cost-justified. Here are some pointers on making sure your campaign(s) is the most effective it can be…with The Mullikin Agency’s help of course! 😉

Figure out your ideal client/prospect first.
  • Knowing who you want to target is the first step to having an effective Direct Mail campaign. In the words of Mal Pancoast, “The odds of hitting your target go up dramatically when you aim at it.”

What is your goal for this Direct Mail campaign?
  • Plan! Not planning for your campaign in what you’d like it to accomplish is basically planning for your campaign to be a flop. It’ll waste your time, energy, & financial means if you don’t BEGIN with figuring out what you’d like to see happen through this Direct Mail tool. A goal without a plan? Just a wish.

Focus on the benefits for the recipients

  • If those receiving your Direct Mail pieces feel they aren’t benefited much at all, they will go to a business that provides that comfort. Having offers, discounts, coupons, etc definitely helps the recipients feel you are looking out for them.

Failing to Proofread &/or Design errors
  • If a business can’t take the time to make sure their design isn’t off &/or the words are correctly spelled, the Direct Mail is going in the trash more times than not. Attention to detail is very important as your Direct Mail campaign could definitely be a first-impression for many that receive your mailing. Why let them think you don’t put your 100% into even the proofreading/errors??

Drive recipients to your social media network &/or your website
  • Social Media is the age we’re in. Word-of-mouth is a quick way to get your business in front of more people, but more so is social media. How many videos have you seen this week alone that have “went viral” due to a few seeing it & sharing so to have more seeing it & sharing? “Going viral” means that an image, video, etc has been shared to a number of people very quickly via the internet.

Test your market first
  • Start with a small area to test the market. Run several small test campaigns if you want to figure out details such as best times to send Direct Mail, the audience receiving your Direct Mail, etc.

Assess/Monitor so to know how effective your campaign(s) is:
  • Initial & Qualified response rates
  • Percentage of those purchasing in response to Direct Mail
  • Recipients visiting your website in response to Direct Mail

Follow-up is vital!

As you can see with a few easy pointers applied, your Direct Mail campaign can be a HUGE success! We at The Mullikin Agency are more than willing to help your business with all phases of a Direct Mail Campaign. You can trust our experts to get you the results you desire by working together not only send out an awesome piece of artwork, but also to make this process a smooth & easy one! 😊 

Another successful Direct Mail campaign client...
Emerson Monument Company, Inc

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Brand that business!

When you hear the word "brand," what comes to your mind? Nike, Aeropostale, McDonald's, Calvin Klein, Goodyear, DHL, Chanel, etc?? Branding is so very important in this day & age...& no we don't mean branding cows! ;) Having a strong brand for your business not only benefits you, but it's something your customers need to have more than you do. Why is a strong brand so important, you ask? Here are a few reasons:

  • Branding turns a huge amount of information into an easy-to-remember mark or memo of sorts.
    • If you were to be asked how many messages or ads you saw in just one day, it'd likely be a high number. We as a people are inundated with ads, products, images, etc! Many times, we only remember logos or catchphrases of businesses that we recognize...thus helping us remember to shop there, etc. We remembered the mark, the colors, the look &/or the slogan that we in the advertising & marketing business call branding. ;)
  • Branding narrows down the options for decisions.
    • Let's say your washing machine goes out & now you need to shop for a new one. Your dryer is a Maytag, but you also like Whirlpool & GE brands. You've now narrowed down your many options to 3 brands...which makes shopping much less of a headache!
  • Branding draw customers to your business through emotional connection.
    • Without connecting to customers on a deeper level than "just a shopper," you can almost guarantee you won't have a new customer. Your brand is the emotional connector customers make with your business, product, & service. Without this connection, customers can easily be swayed into going to your competition who went the extra mile in being more personable with said customer.
As you can see, your customers need you to have a strong brand in order to help them not have to think too hard to recall your name. Today's consumers have tons of options that seem impossible to choose from, & they must remember your name, colors, & slogan when they are ready to make a purchase or when they need your products & services. We at The Mullikin Agency can help your business with branding itself so you stand out from all the rest of the competition. Let's sit down & go over what you have so far & how we can grow that so to grow your business beyond what you've imagined! :)

Friday, May 5, 2017

Planning for the Big Event!

Whether it’s a huge event or just a small get-together, events bring people together. Did you know you can promote your business before, during, & after the event?! You simply need to call the event experts at The Mullikin Agency to help you with ideas & the execution of everything you may need! Events offer a great way for you to have face-to-face interaction with clients &/or prospects! The Mullikin Agency is here to make your next event even more successful during every phase.

BEFORE the event
  • Create banners, backdrops, signs, floor graphics, table cloths, videos & print materials to hand out at the event
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Send out a Press Release or an e-Blast inviting people to the event.
  • Purchase Event-Specific promotional giveaway items like bags, pens, notepads, or any of the 900,000 additional items you can purchase from the Mullikin Agency to give out to those who attend

DURING the event
  • Online Geo-Fencing advertising campaign to mobile users within a ½ mile of the event location to come to your booth for a special offer
  • Use Social Media Marketing to remind people to come to the event the day of
  • Give out promotional items
  • Use all signage, banners & displays to draw attention to your business or organizationTake photos to post on social media, your website, for e-Blast(s), etc.

AFTER the event
  • Follow up with Social Media posts
  • Add photos of the event to your Website
  • Target those who attended by sending out thank-you cards, Promotional Items or brochures, e-Blasts, or an online targeted digital advertising campaign

So, are you ready to make your next event one that is over-the-top & engages like none other throughout the WHOLE process? The Mullikin Agency is here to help you come up with a plan that is not only effective & affordable, but one that will bring you increased revenue!