Monday, September 21, 2015

The Top Ten Ways to Advertise Your Business Successfully


Advertising is the best way to get your company name, product or service in front of the public today to increase sales. Most companies need to advertise to just to maintain their current sales, but advertising is definitely needed if you want to grow your business. If done correctly, you will not know how your business survived without it. Here a ten tips to advertise with great success:



ALWAYS identify your target audience, especially before you start thinking about where to spend money. If you’re not reaching the right people, you are wasting your advertising dollars. Today we can target specifically who you want to reach with traditional and/or digital advertising.


Hire professionals to assist you with your advertising needs. Experts like The Mullikin Agency have excellent insight on how to communicate your message more effectively. We have research available right at our fingertips to help you better reach your target audience, get the best prices on advertising placement and come up with the most effective creative message. Plus we can provide monitoring and monthly analysis. Providing successful advertising campaigns is one of our specialties.


Every successful advertising campaign begins with a well-conceived plan. Coming up with a realistic strategy and implementing that strategy is the key.


You must place your message as frequently as you can. How often you run your ad makes a huge difference in the outcome or success of any campaign.


You must create and maintain a consistent message, look and feel to your brand. You want to make a lasting impression with current and future customers. Branding your image lets consumers recognize your company right away.


It is better to focus on one message rather than trying to create multiple messages that confuse the end user. A quick, clear message that is easily identifiable will get you the increased response you are looking for. Your website is a better place to educate and inform the public about more complex issues, while your advertising should be more singular in focus. Less is more when it comes to effective advertising.


Establish a budget and stick to it. This way you’ll know exactly what you can afford, how often you can advertise and in which mediums.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Look at all forms of advertising and decide what works best for your particular needs. You should include a mix of both traditional and digital advertising if your budget allows. Online advertising is extremely cost effective.


Know who your competition is and what you do better than they do. Highlight that competitive advantage to add value to your potential customers. We have ways of advertising today that is under the radar screen of your competitors. Just ask us about that and we will be happy to tell you how to do it.


It is one of the most beneficial ways to inform the public of your company’s products or services, and if done correctly will not be an expense but will add greatly to your return on investment. There is a cost to advertising, but it will result in added sales and that is the key to any successful advertising campaign. Advertising works and it works well if you know what your doing.


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Written by Randy Mullikin,
 Founder and President of The Mullikin Advertising Agency

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