Thursday, August 24, 2017

What has your attention??

How many times have you been watching your favorite show on TV only to come across a commercial that peaks your interest? You then decide to google the product/service to find out more details. According to GfK Mentor Survey 2016 of persons 18 years of age & older, 62% of those new car prospects said yes to having been motivated by an advertisement on television to go to the Internet to find out more information. 66% of those planning to purchase a home/condo said yes to this question, as well as 61% planning to remodel their house & 58% that visited Urgent Care. It would seem you aren’t alone in this!

Whether you realize it or not, that commercial led you further into the Consumer Purchase Decision Funnel Process.

Consumer Purchase Decision Funnel Process

Television is the #1 influencer across all 5 steps of the consumer purchasing decision process. It would be easy to say Social Media would beat television as far as time spent, business details, etc since we are in the age of technology, but as you can see in the graphs, television is #1 in Time Spent across all age groups.

Time Spent on Ad Supported Platforms
(GfK Mentor Survey 2016 M-S 6a-12m. Persons 18+)

 A Week in the Life – US Population
(Neilsen The Total Audience Report Q1 2017 - released July ’17)

 In light of these details, your business should be spending money where consumers spend the most time & are the most influenced. Broadcast TV is the most cost-efficient medium your business can buy. To put this into further perspective, it takes:
  • 36¢ to reach one person via Direct Mail
  • 35¢ via Yellow Pages
  • 10¢ via Newspaper
  • 7¢ via Cable
  • 3¢ via Radio
With Broadcast TV…it takes a whopping 1¢! Can you believe it?! J In our local area (Ft Smith, Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers areas), local TV stations are preferred with 95 of top 100 shows from May ’17 Neilsen Book being on broadcast. With the Consumer Purchasing Decision Funnel Process steps, here is a picture of  how each step is influenced via different channels of media outlets…of course television being #1. ;)

What Influences Consumers Most
(GfK Purchase Funnel 2017 A18+)

Randy Mullikin, President of The Mullikin Agency, says, “Television is still one of the most powerful advertising mediums because it is the perfect combination of sight, sound, emotion, imagination and creativity. Whether it be a :15, :30, or :60 second commercial, it impacts people like no other medium can do.”

The Mullikin Agency offers nearly 25 years of experience as your television/media ad placement experts. We can help you put a plan together that includes script writing, talent, & creating the perfect original sound track or jingle. We can produce a professional TV spot and negotiate the best price for your commercials on the right stations at the right times. We will save you time and money and generate new customers for your business. Contact us today to help your business in this powerful & results-driven avenue of advertising.

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