Friday, May 5, 2017

Planning for the Big Event!

Whether it’s a huge event or just a small get-together, events bring people together. Did you know you can promote your business before, during, & after the event?! You simply need to call the event experts at The Mullikin Agency to help you with ideas & the execution of everything you may need! Events offer a great way for you to have face-to-face interaction with clients &/or prospects! The Mullikin Agency is here to make your next event even more successful during every phase.

BEFORE the event
  • Create banners, backdrops, signs, floor graphics, table cloths, videos & print materials to hand out at the event
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Send out a Press Release or an e-Blast inviting people to the event.
  • Purchase Event-Specific promotional giveaway items like bags, pens, notepads, or any of the 900,000 additional items you can purchase from the Mullikin Agency to give out to those who attend

DURING the event
  • Online Geo-Fencing advertising campaign to mobile users within a ½ mile of the event location to come to your booth for a special offer
  • Use Social Media Marketing to remind people to come to the event the day of
  • Give out promotional items
  • Use all signage, banners & displays to draw attention to your business or organizationTake photos to post on social media, your website, for e-Blast(s), etc.

AFTER the event
  • Follow up with Social Media posts
  • Add photos of the event to your Website
  • Target those who attended by sending out thank-you cards, Promotional Items or brochures, e-Blasts, or an online targeted digital advertising campaign

So, are you ready to make your next event one that is over-the-top & engages like none other throughout the WHOLE process? The Mullikin Agency is here to help you come up with a plan that is not only effective & affordable, but one that will bring you increased revenue!

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