Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Brand that business!

When you hear the word "brand," what comes to your mind? Nike, Aeropostale, McDonald's, Calvin Klein, Goodyear, DHL, Chanel, etc?? Branding is so very important in this day & age...& no we don't mean branding cows! ;) Having a strong brand for your business not only benefits you, but it's something your customers need to have more than you do. Why is a strong brand so important, you ask? Here are a few reasons:

  • Branding turns a huge amount of information into an easy-to-remember mark or memo of sorts.
    • If you were to be asked how many messages or ads you saw in just one day, it'd likely be a high number. We as a people are inundated with ads, products, images, etc! Many times, we only remember logos or catchphrases of businesses that we recognize...thus helping us remember to shop there, etc. We remembered the mark, the colors, the look &/or the slogan that we in the advertising & marketing business call branding. ;)
  • Branding narrows down the options for decisions.
    • Let's say your washing machine goes out & now you need to shop for a new one. Your dryer is a Maytag, but you also like Whirlpool & GE brands. You've now narrowed down your many options to 3 brands...which makes shopping much less of a headache!
  • Branding draw customers to your business through emotional connection.
    • Without connecting to customers on a deeper level than "just a shopper," you can almost guarantee you won't have a new customer. Your brand is the emotional connector customers make with your business, product, & service. Without this connection, customers can easily be swayed into going to your competition who went the extra mile in being more personable with said customer.
As you can see, your customers need you to have a strong brand in order to help them not have to think too hard to recall your name. Today's consumers have tons of options that seem impossible to choose from, & they must remember your name, colors, & slogan when they are ready to make a purchase or when they need your products & services. We at The Mullikin Agency can help your business with branding itself so you stand out from all the rest of the competition. Let's sit down & go over what you have so far & how we can grow that so to grow your business beyond what you've imagined! :)

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